The Advantages of Longspan Shelving

One of the most efficient warehouse storage systems is known as longspan shelving. So, what is longspan shelving and how can it improve your business warehouse? Go through this guide to discover this practical solution for your storage needs.

What is longspan shelving?

Longspan racking is a unique storage system designed for small and medium-sized items. The products are stored and retrieved manually from a drum, box or larger carton. Longspan shelves come in different sizes and shapes. You can see some examples here.

Longspan shelving units are manufactured from a range of materials such as mesh, steel, or chipboard. Some are designed from two or more materials. No matter your storage requirements, longspan shelving can be adapted to suit your premises and products.

Modern longspan shelving has bolt-free locking-systems that keep the support beams secured in place. The system makes the shelving unit durable and safer for employees than older bolted systems.

When should you use longspan shelving?

If your business deals with goods that cannot be stored in pallets racks, then longspan racking is your best storage solution. Items stored in these shelving systems are goods that cannot be moved by use of conveyors or forklifts. These items can be of an irregular shape or fragile. Tires, batteries, office supplies, etc. are examples of goods you can store effectively with longspan shelving.

The distinctive feature of longspan shelving is workers can store and retrieve the products manually. The flexibility of these storage units makes them ideal for just about all warehouse set-ups that deal with products small and light enough to be manually handled.

What are the main advantages of longspan shelving units?

Longspan shelving has many benefits. Although we have highlighted on some of these advantages others include;

• Durability
They are made of lightweight materials that are durable. This is to suggest that you can easily move the shelves in the warehouse with little effort. Besides, since they are durable, you don’t have to keep changing the shelves frequently.
• Save storage space
Since you can make multi-tier shelves, you can save on storage space. Vertical storage allows you to use less ground space. You will store many products in a limited space.
• Flexibility and adjustable height
Most longspan shelving use rivet and pins instead of bolts which makes it easy to adjust the height and customize the shelves for your various storage needs.
• Accessibility
These shelving units utilise fewer posts compared to other storage units. They allow the storage of many products and easy access to goods. Moving and storing products is straightforward due to the shelving structure.

In short, if you want an alternative storage solution to pallet racks, longspan shelving is a viable option for your warehouse storage needs.