Racking Inspection Training for Employees - Why It's Important

Any warehouse owner that trains employees in racking inspection will see sizable benefits as staff will be able to work at full potential. here I give you three short but relevant reasons why the training of staff in racking inspections is of great importance to your company.


Employees trained in carrying out inspections to the racking systems autonomously are self-reliant and can work on a day-to-day basis without you as the company owner having to worry if safety standards are being met. Trained staff feel more independent and feel trusted by their employer, which helps company morale. This is not to say you should never have your racking inspected by a SEMA approved inspector - the Health & Safety Executive recommends at a minimum, annual inspections. You can download the HSE warehousing and storage guidelines here.

Be Proactive

There is a huge difference between hanging around waiting for someone to come and tell you your racking is unsafe than proactively taking steps to ensure it meets safety standards. Waiting for an inspection is almost like waiting for a possible accident to occur! racking inspection trained staff are working with the racking day by day, and have the potential to notice a fault as soon as it occurs.

Group Communication

A group of people with the same training leads to group discussion of the matter at hand as daily activities are carried out. If just one person is trained on racking safety, it becomes one person who knows the rules reeling off a string of instructions to those that don't, which is never a very effective means of communication.

The importance of trusting and training staff in racking safety should never be undermined. Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to workplace accidents.