Tips on Using Pallet Racks Safely

As well as making most of the available storage space, pallet racks also make taking inventory a simple procedure. There is no doubt that pallet racks play a significant role in the achievement of a business or a company’s overall objectives. However, despite the benefits associated with using pallet racks. They must be handled carefully to avoid injuries to the warehouse staff or damage to property stored.

If an accident occurs in your warehouse due to poor handling of the pallet racks it could have very adverse effects on your business. You could risk facing losses and lawsuits from employees injured in your warehouse. So make sure you follow these tips on how to safely use pallet racks.

1. Ensure There is Placement of Sufficient Safety Measures 

Before you begin using the pallet racks, it is mandatory for you to have the right safety measures in place. This includes installation of panel pins, pallet safeguard panels and a variety of safety equipment that will ensure minimal risk.

2. Train Your Workers 

Don’t just assume that everyone who works in your warehouse knows how to use pallet racks. It is vital you take the time to take your employees through comprehensive training on how to use the pallet racks. Particularly those who will be interacting with them regularly.

3. Ensure The Warehouse has Sufficient Lighting and Is Clean at All Times

Unfortunately, many warehouses are poorly lit and quite dirty. And these two issues are among the leading causes of accidents in warehouses. It is the responsibility of the owner to install sufficient lighting in the warehouse for easy visibility. You should also ensure it is clean at all times.

4. Proper Installation

Accidents can easily occur if the pallet racks are not installed by a professional. Some warehouse managers do make the mistake of ordering pallet racks and installing them all by themselves to save on costs. This is quite wrong, as installation should always be done by a certified engineer.

5. The Loads Placed on The Pallet Racks should be Managed

Overstuffing of pallet racks can lead to accidents. It is advisable for staff working in the warehouse to observe the weight limit of the racks. The limit is usually given by the manufacturer. The staff should ensure that the loads are evenly placed on the racks while retaining sufficient space in between items. The loads should also be arranged in terms of sizes. The pallet racks should always be placed in areas free from obstruction.

6. Conduct Regular Maintenance

Buying the pallet racks shouldn’t be the end of your storage considerations. To avoid accidents, you should schedule frequent inspections with an engineer who will look for faults and come up with ways on how to remedy them. In case any staff member notices loose connections, they should immediately report the matter.

With these tips, you can be assured of maximum safety when using pallet racks in your warehouse. And since pallet racks do differ depending on the manufacturer, you should always go through the safety measures that are listed on the rack's user manual.